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Cleaning is a growth industry. So many people need support in their homes for a number of reasons, with the intention to stay on top of the basics. Some people get carried away by their lives; others simply do not have the physical capacity to do what is needed. Finding a cleaner who is prepared to come in and do exactly what one wants, to an excellent standard without any fuss and bother is of great value to many.

Mum's Angels organises contract workers to provide cleaning services. We match contractors with clients. Our name is trademarked and we have built up good will in that name. For the right person we will consider licensing them to use our name to build a similar business.

Learning to choose the right people to clean within your business. Being able to communicate effectively & successfully on the telephone. Staying on the right side of legal requirements and having documentation in place. Simplicity in paperwork. These are all basic requirements.

But do you ensure that you do not become one of the 80% who fail at their business in the first 5 years?.....

As a single mother and the owner and operator of Mums Angels I have built the business from the ground up starting in 2002.

My business has been the testing ground for the theory that we function daily within limiting ideas and beliefs, conditioned and learned behaviours and that they all have a direct impact on our leadership performance. Taking conscious action and making decisions in integrity supports healthy change.

I continue always to develop and expand Mums Angels, it is a wonderful opportunity to get to know myself better & live a blessed life. I love helping others do the same."

Feel welcome to make contact and enquire further. [email protected]

We do not provide or sell franchises. We are not franchisors.

Below are references from Subcontractors who have worked with us in the past.

Emma October 2016

I would like to personally say thank you for the opportunity to work for your wonderful company. Having been out of the workforce whilst a mum, it was daunting considering work again. Deborah and Mums Angels has made the transition smooth and easy. I have felt welcomed and supported in my role. There has always been an ease in communication with Deborah and office staff and somebody was always available to attend to my concerns or questions.

I have genuinely enjoyed my time working for Mums Angels, I actually looked forward to going to work. There is room for growth within the company whoch is highly appealing and this could most certainly become a career for the right person/people. There was plenty of work available which was sourced for you.

A truly fantastic place to be employed.

Thank you for everything Deborah,

Janice Turner July 2016

To any would be Angels....just over 5 years ago I decided on a change of career. I wanted a role where I would be stress free, keep me active, and have flexibility.......and I found Deb and Mum�s Angels! Deb has a knack of attracting Clients who are a pleasure to assist maintaining their lifestyle and you are welcomed into their homes. Myself,

I have always found Deb supportive with any questions I had, she understood the requirements which I sort from the role and was happy to help me attain them. Deb listens to her Angels and their ideas for working smarter and in cleaner environment. Her monthly informal coffee catch ups reflect her desire to maintain a grass roots relationship with her Contractors. Deb is also a fountain of knowledge when it comes to helping make your home based business successful.

So to any one seeking to gain confidence in a lifestyle job, look no further. Take the step and enjoy, I wish you all every success!

Janice Turner

N. Ipswich November 2016

I recently asked for help with my hoarding, and received help from Valerie. She is fabulous! She didn�t pressure me to throw anything out, but asked me to find a home for it. In which I ended up giving unwanted (hoarding) things away. Her pleasant and encouraging influence has inspired me to keep going with my wish to change my ways. I am so looking forward to her next visit. She even gave me some wonderful inspiring advice as to ease the stress of the situation. Your team are truly angels!

Thanks Valerie from Mums Angels, Your friendly approach is exactly what I needed!

N Ipswich

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