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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum number of hours?


Who supplies the products?

You as the client supply the products. In this way you have absolute control of the smells that greet you on your return home, and what exactly is going down your drain into the environment.

Is my Angel insured?

Your Angel is covered by public liability insurance. This is for accidental damage to a client's property.

I recommend you keep your Domestic Work Cover policy up to date also

Do you service my area?

We service from Coolangatta to Bribie Island (including Moreton Bay and Redlands) and inland to and including Ipswich. Feel welcome to contact the office with a more specific enquiry.

I will not be there on the day that the cleaner starts; can I meet her prior to work beginning so that I can be comfortable with her and show her what my needs are?

It is only natural that you know exactly who is involved in this very private part of your life. Take the opportunity to meet with your Angel and show her through the house whilst talking about your needs.

How much experience does my cleaner have?

Experience is certainly a bonus but not the determining factor for being a cleaner with Mum's Angels. A great attitude and an eye for detail are two factors more valued in the selection process.

Will she be available on the day I want?

YES, if you are able to, give the agency a second preference

What if I don't like my cleaner?

If there is any part of our service that you are not happy with, please speak with the office and we will do what can be done to correct matters.

Is it safe for me to give my angel the house key?

Security is a huge issue with everyone; this is why each of the Angels is police checked. Nonetheless if a particular cleaner enters your home that you have uneasiness about, it is best that you ring the agency and ask for a new cleaner. Listen to your instincts.

How much notice do we need to give to cancel for a day?

Out of respect for your Angel, the more notice, the better.

When can you start?

We can start within a few days after your initial enquiry. We are not available for same day service. The more notice you give us the better.

Do you come as a team?

Most cleaners work on their own, unless they have presented themselves to the agency as a couple, usually husband & wife or mother & daughter.

Can I have the same cleaner every time?

Yes. Absolutely.

How does the police check work?

Police checks present themselves in a variety of forms and there are a number of scenarios in which people will have had a police check prior to joining Mum's Angels.

Examples of this are the 'Police Certificate' issued by the Queensland police service, the 'positive Notice blue card' for child related employment, private investigator or real-estate licenses. If your Angel is offered contract work by the Mum's Angels and has no police check in place, she will be required to order & pay for a police check prior to being given work and her police check is shown to the office as soon as she has receipt of it.

Do any of your cleaners have the 'positive notice blue card' for child related employment?

Yes a number of them do.

Do you clean offices?

Yes, we do

You would need to invoice a third party for payment. Is that an option?

Yes. We do charge a slightly higher rate in consideration of administration costs and the expectation that payment will be delayed.

Is there anything my cleaner will not do?

Our restrictions are based on common sense and health and safety guidelines. We ask that clients pick up faeces from the floor if we are to mop and vacuum that area. We do clean external windows if that does not require us to step through bushes or use a ladder. Furniture can be moved as long as it is light weight enough for the cleaner not to be put at risk. Other guidelines are set as new circumstances arise.

Is there a set routine or can my Angel do the tasks I wish?

Most clients enjoy their bathrooms and floors cleaned, and find other appropriate tasks thereafter. However, if you would rather have a different job roster on each visit, entirely dependent upon what you have had the opportunity to complete yourself, and which parts of the house have been used, that is perfect also. Our focus is entirely on your cleaning needs.

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