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Environmental Responsibility

Most parts of our everyday lives, when examined, are contributing to our environmental dilemma. Deborah, owner of Mums Angels is passionate about finding ways in which to provide an excellent customer service and step up to our environmental responsibility.

This plays out in a number of ways;

Re-education is vital. Helping cleaners to become aware of environmental issues in relation to the cleaning products they have used for years without thought. Opening their minds to a healthier alternative.

Research into the types of products used for cleaning your home has pointed us in the direction of the phosphate free, biodegradable ranges.

There is ongoing experimentation with a combination of essential oils, bicarb of soda, vinegar and any other ecofriendly ingredients with a focus on sustainability. When an alternative is tested and approved it must meet three criterion; a lesser carbon footprint than is already being trodden by what is presently used, without a compromise of standard or speed within which the task is complete and economic viability.

Below is a range of sustainable cleaning products that fit the bill for many homes.

Addressing mould Issues: 1tsp clove oil added to 1tsp vodka. Shake it up and leave it to stand overnight. In the morning put the mixture in a squirt bottle with one litre of water. Squirt the area with the mould for an hour or so and then take to it with a brush. Use the same formulae as mould deterrent.

Dust: Dusting with a damp cloth is not the best for wood and can create streaks on glass. I am generally against dusting with a feather dusters or dry cloth because more of the dust is moved rather than collected. There are now static style dusters available that address dusting most effectively. Using a clean duster in each house is a preventative of cross contamination for our cleaners. The mit washes well and I suggest you wash it in a laundry bag.

Disinfectant spray. Melaleuca, lavender, peppermint & lime essential oils all have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, added to vinegar you have an intelligent and sustainable cleaning recipe. Combine 30 drops of the oils (in any combination) to an equal amount of vodka and leave it to stand overnight (this helps the oils to combine with the vinegar). In the morning add 500ml cleaning vinegar to 500ml distilled water in a spray bottle and then and the essential oil/vodka mix. Cleaning can begin immediately. Normal vinegar is fine but is slightly less acidic that cleaning vinegar. I get my cleaning vinegar in Bunnings.

White Magic Eraser: This is a very dense microfiber cube that takes a lot of jobs away from cream cleaners and requires no chemical at all. Great for cleaning glass in the shower and stainless steel appliances, marks off walls and scuff marks on floors, I love this product as its uses are endless. This particular quality of cube is also able to be put through the washing machine. I found my one at MITRE 10. It's the extra power sponge I recommend because even though they don't mention it, I have managed to put mine in the washing machine 4-5 times.

Multi-Purpose and Glass Spray and Wipe. Into a spray bottle with 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water add a teaspoon of corn flour. You are ready to go! Great for cleaning the bathroom, windows and as a general spray and wipe.

Bicarb can be used in a number of ways. To freshen and deodorize, sprinkle the dry powder onto furniture, mattresses, carpet or mats, leave it to sit for as long as possible before vacuuming it up. Sprinkle bicard on a hard surface and then spray with vinegar for more stubborn marks. Lastly it can be turned into a paste by adding water and kept in an airtight container to use as you would a cream cleaner.

Sustainable oven cleaner/degreaser Fill a glass jar with orange peel, then fill the jar to the top with vinegar. Allow to stand for at least 5 days, shaking occasionally. Strain the mixture, discard the orange peel and place the liquid into a spray bottle. Generously shake baking soda onto the offending area. Spray the vinegar/orange mix over the baking soda, allowing it to soak. It is suggested you wait for 20 minutes in the case of an oven.

Check our Blog page as there is an ever increasing range of non-cook cleaning recipes that will support us in our homes

We can all be responsible for the environment

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